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        Huizhou HuaNan logistics co., LTD. Is a collection of domestic and international cargo transport, international freight forwarders, and all relevant customs clearance agency business of intelligent logistics company, is one specialized is engaged in the logistics services company, providing customers with accurate and timely and efficient transportation customs clearance service.
        We have our own direct traffic and domestic customs supervision team, as well as a group of professional logistics elites to provide you with the fastest, safest and most economical transportation solutions.
        Over the years, the company has accumulated rich experience in import and export customs clearance and freight forwarding.
        With dedication, pioneering spirit, to provide quality and efficient services in the industry established a good reputation, with many transportation and shipping, air, wharf and other related departments have maintained a good and close business relationship.
        With an eye to the future, we are actively expanding our business, and strive to provide a complete service for customers with higher efficiency and better quality. Meanwhile, we also hope to get your support and cooperation.
        We have the confidence to provide the best service and do our best.



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