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        中港拖车Sino-HongKong Ton Vehicles


        1中港吨车操作流程Operation Procedure of Sino-HongKong Ton Vehicles

        1、大致流程同中港柜车一样,现将不同之处列出The process is approximately the same as that of the Sino-HongKong tank carrier, differences are listed below
        a) 仓库落货纸(入仓单)和拖车委托单给拖车行Fax warehouse unload goods sheet (warehouse receipt) and ton vehicle order ticket to the ton vehicle store
        注意事项Matters need attention
        i. 根据货物的数量来确定使用多大的吨车。
        ii. 可根据货物最后交仓时间来决定是包车还是拼车出关。
        iii. 货物可送于深圳仓库,也可到工厂收货。
        iv. 同时要注意,送货是到香港码头仓库还是一个私人的收货地址,如果香港码头仓库要交登记费。
        v. 同时还要与客人确认到货后是否需搬卸,如没有,则要通知运输行安排工人卸货,香港人工较贵。

        i. Determine the vehicle size according to the quantity of the goods.

        ii. Decide to use chartered vehicle or carpool according to the final delivery time of the goods. 

        If carpool is departed at fixed time every evening, delivery time would be the next day, with lower cost. If the goods are to be delivered on the same day, chartered vehicle shall be used.

        iii. The goods can be sent to the Shenzhen warehouse or to be received at the factory.

        iv. Its also need to be noted that the delivery is to the Hong Kong dock warehouse or a private delivery address, registration fee is required for the former.

        v. At the same time, its required to confirm with the customer whether to unload the goods upon arrival. If not, its required to inform the transportation store to arrange workers for unloading, labor cost of Hong Kong is more expensive.
        b) 装货Loading
        c) 报关通关Customs Declaration and Clearance
        d) 交货Delivery
        e) 香港报关HongKong Customs Declaration
        f) 送尾纸Send Ending Paper
        中港吨车转关时,需提供以下资料给到工厂During customs transit of Sino-HongKong ton vehicle, the following information are required to be provided to the factory:
        1)、司机姓名(全名),电话Drivers name (full name), phone number
        2)、大陆车牌,香港车牌Mainland licence plate, HongKong licence plate
        3)、海关编号Customs serial number
        4)、IC卡号IC card number
        5)、车型Vehicle model
        6)、司机转关口岸(一般不需转关,但要问清楚从哪个口岸出) Customs transit port of the driver (customs transit is generally not necessary, however, it should be clear which port the driver leaves from)
        7)、车辆所属的运输公司全名,地址和电话Full name, address, and phone number of the transport company the vehicle belonging to.


        (一) 流程图Flow chart

        Print out order at Hong Kong ----- pick up the container ----- pass through mainland customs-----mainland factory loading ----- customs declaration to mainland customs ---- return the container – send ending paper - Hong Kong customs declaration
        (二) 名词解释Glossary
        1.尾纸Ending paper
            香港货柜/散货交码头/仓库,码头/仓库签给运输行的收货文件。(上面一定要有收货单位的盖章和签收日期才有效)尾纸作为交货单位的交货凭证,在取提单前,一定要交到CARRIERCARRIER 只有收到尾纸后才会放单。如尾纸丢失,需登报三天声明作费。但有些个别船东也接受保函,可先放货。

        Receiving document signed to tranport store by HongKong container/bulk cargo wharf/warehouse, wharf/warehouse. (Its only valid with seal and date of receipt of the receiving company) As proof of delivery of the delivery company, the ending paper must be sent to the carrier before picking the bill of lading, and the carrier would only release the order after receiving the ending paper. If the ending paper is lost, it should be published in the newspaper for three days to declare cancellation. However, some individual shipowners would also accept the letter of guarantee, and can release goods first.
        2.香港进出口报关清单 (MANIFEST)---载货清单

        2. HongKong Import and Export Manifest----Carrier Manifest

        If import and export of HongKong goods went through HongKong Lok Ma Chau customs (Huanggang export)/HongKong Man Kam To customs (Man Kam To export), the following documents are required to be declared to HongKong Trade Administration:
        内容有; 件数,付货人,收货人,毛重,净重,货名

        Including: goods quantity, consignor, consignee, gross weight, net weight, name of goods.
        (填定内容需与PACKINGLIST& INVOICE相同)

        (The contents filled in should be the same with packinglist & invoice)

        A. If only exported to HongKong, only receiving company or customs broker shall be filled in, only declare import, taxes shall be paid.

        B. If transferred from HongKong to foreign countries, HongKong customs broker shall be filled in, declare transit,without paying any taxes.

        Forspecial goods in the above two conditions, special documents such as permit shall be provided when filling in the carrier manifest.

        If consignee is a HongKong company, it must be the company with customs declaration qualification in HongKong, and the address, phone number and contacts of the company shall be specified.

        HongKong declaration can be declared to the HongKong Trade Administration within 14 days after the operation. If you did not declare or declared exceed the time limit of declaration, you will be fined.
         (三) 具体流程---中港柜车Specific processSino-HongKong tank carrier
        1、传S/O和委托单给拖车行:Fax S/O and order ticket to ton vehicle store:
        注意事项Matters need attention

        1) The ton vehicle store shall be informed the port of customs clearance, because some HongKong vehicles are only recorded at Man Kan To port or Huanggang port.

        2) HongKong ton vehicles are usually booked one day in advance, especially during the holidays.
        2、提柜前打单Print out order before picking up the cabinet
        注意事项Matters need attention

        1) In general, the ton vehicle stores would have blank cabinet picking orders of the shipowners, and you can imput the S/O contents by yourself, however, not all of ton vehicle stores can print, and not all shipowners would allow the ton vehicle stores to print. So please confirm with the ton vehicle store after getting the S/O, as order printing is also within the working time.
        3.提柜Pick up the container
        注意事项Matters need attention
        1 香港分大码头和小码头,大码头是24小时提还柜,而小码头是在工作时间内才可以提柜。所以拿到S/O后要确认是哪里提柜。HIT24小时。也可以由报关行帮忙更改车牌,但手续很麻烦,报关行一般不太愿意做。

        1) Wharfs of HongKong are divided into large and small ones, picking and returning of container are within 24 hours for the former, while container picking is only available during working hours for the latter. So after getting S/O, you have to confirm where to pick up the container. HIT is 24 hours. You can also change the license plate with the help of customs broker, but the formalities are very troublesome, and the customs brokers are generally not willing to do it.

        3) Customs declaration information: general trade: the same with Yantian and Shekou, plus license plate numbe and customs serial number.

        After customs clearance, the customs broker would fax the original declaration form to the driver, with which the driver would be able to pass the customs.
        4)报关方式Customs declaration approachesA、一般贸易general trade
        B电子关锁:当地封关后,拿关封在口岸出关。electronic custom lock: After local customs closing, pass the customs through the port with customs cover.
        C、清单:司机出关时直接拿清单海关盖章即可出关。Manifest: the driver could pass the customs with the manifest being stamped by the customs.
        5)也可能遇到查柜,不同的口岸有不同的查柜费。Its also possible to encounter cabinet examination, the examination fee is different at various ports.
        6)一些纺织品进入香港要做LICENCE(转口证)Licence (re-export licence) is required for some texitle products entering HongKong.

        5. Loading: pay attenting to time, as night fee is expensive for HongKong vehicles, which is about HKD1500-2000/night.

        6. Pass the customs: first is mainland customs, and then HongKong customs.
        注意事项Matters need attention

        The driver must fill in the carrier manifest, which would then be stamped by mainland customs and HongKong customs.
        7.还柜Return the container
        香港还柜只要在截关之前还柜就可上船,一般截关时间为晚上1100。也可视情况申请LATE COME

        As long as returning the container before closing time, it could be boarded, generally closing time would be 11:00 pm. Late come could also be applied according to specific conditions.
        8.香港报关HongKong customs declaration

        Hong Kong is a free port, its required to declare within 14 days after leaving or arriving at the port, if you exceed the time limit of declaration, HongKong Trade Administration would inform the consignor to supplement customs declaration and possible penalties (depending on the value of the goods). The consignor must provide company name, address, contacts, phone number, and only companies registered in HongKong would have the qualification for customs declaration.
        说明Explanation:支付费用Pay expenses

        货值的万分之二点五。Two point five per ten thousand of the goods value


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